About John Stirling and Proofreading

Having been employed for many years with the Scottish Government, I decided to start my own business to use my skills and experience in Proofreading Services.

My background complements my proofreading career and my experience shows my ability to adapt to each subject and piece of work. I am a trained proofreader and, as continuous development of my proofreading services, I attend a variety of local and national events.

I provide a genuine, high quality service, at a fair price and within an agreed timescale. You will not find details of fees on this website since all work is priced individually according to your requirements.  I have worked with a clients from a variety of backgrounds including UPTIME AS, a Norwegian maritime engineering company and Perle , a French based graphic design company. In particular, I have helped many postgraduate students from the UK and abroad with their dissertations and theses.   My role is to act as an editor.  That is editing documents and/or websites.  Tasks are many and varied such as:-

  • Proofreader
  • Book editor
  • Editing Websites
  • Text editing
  • Online Editor
  • Magazine and dissertations
  • Writing services to rephrase paragraphs or sentences.

Please telephone or e-mail me (see Contact page) so that we can discuss your requirements after which I will give you a free no obligation quote.